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Broken toe, my Indian name

Posted on: October 6, 2009

This was how the trip to Taos, NM ended.  Arrived at the airport via the shuttle bus from car rental lot.  While trying to get my bag, another lady, that I shall refer to from now on as “bitch lady”….well, “bitch lady” was obviously more important and in a bigger hurry, proceeded to get her bag and promptly roll it over my foot, resulting in a broken big toe.  The driver of the bus, asked if I needed help and I responded, “oh, no, I’m capable of hobbling off”.  I’m sure she saw what happened or else she heard me yelp,  because she wasn’t really offering anyone else help.

So off I hobble into the airport….get bags checked and off to the gate.  While waiting to board the plane, my toe kept getting darker and darker bruising.  This is what it looks like this morning.  Doesn’t hurt nearly as badly as yesterday; at least I can walk better!

Gotta get well, tomorrow is the first day of bowling!

Lesson learned:  Hmmm…..don’t wear flip flops while traveling; and a big, big thank you to the one lone man who tried to detonate a shoe bomb, resulting in all of us traveling, to have to remove shoes!




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