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I guess this means I’m selfish….

Posted on: September 29, 2009

I don’t usually think of myself as a selfish person but after pondering this for a week or so, I guess I am.  What do you think?

A couple years ago, I wanted my own digital camera. The reason being, that hubby was unable to be patient and devote  any time to help me figure it out.  Therefore, I shopped, read reviews on the net, and decided I had found a camera that I could learn to use on my own.  Hubby was not happy that I bought it. 

Fast forward:  He uses my camera  ALL the time.

Solution: He needs to buy a camera for his use only.  I have shown him various cameras like mine only newer. $220  tops.) I do not want a new camera, I’m happy with mine.

He had a laptop that he uses while watching TV while I had to go to the computer room in able to use a computer.  After whining for awhile, he finally decides to give in and get me a laptop to use while watching TV too.

Fast forward:  He uses it all the time saying, “if you want to use it, just say so”.  However, I always have to wait till he’s done doing whatever it is he does with it.  He has stuff saved, etc.  And he almost never shuts it down like it’s supposed to be shut down.

Solution: I’m looking at buying myself a netbook.  ($350 tops) or a TV for the computer room. Would rather have a netbook.

Since I’ve gotten my car and it’s “wired” for an ipod, I bought a nano ipod.  He is having surgery Oct. 20, but had to download podcasts he wants to listen to in the hospital.  So for me to  listen to what I have on it, I need to fast forward through his garbage.

Solution:  He needs to buy his own and download what he wants on his own.  ($50 tops)

Hmmmmm…..what should I do?


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