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A very challenging “last evening”

Posted on: September 24, 2009

Received a few emails saying I should upgrade my iphone.  I tried, couldn’t figure out was going on.  Hubby volunteered to do, and I readily accepted this generous offer.

Directions say that it will remove everything from your iphone, but then return it in a new, updated version.  That’s just plain bull hockey!

He’s says “it’s done and says to remove from computer”.  So he did….hands me the phone and voila! – everything and I mean, everything is erased.

So after going on various websites, etc. I grabbed the phone and headed to the AT & T store.  I’m informed that I really haven’t lost everything because there is a back-up that’s on the computer.  So after watching him go through the steps, I head home to attempt it.  Keyword is attempt!  He also said if I run into trouble, just call 1-800-myiphon.

So I of course have to make the call.  The man on the other end of the phone was very patient, calm, etc….reminded me of the dweeb Clark Howard on CNN, but not quite that condescending.

Long story short, everything is gone!  Luckily, I had the sim card from the previous phone and was talked through how to put that in and hopefully, get some of my phone numbers, etc. back.

In my chaotic state of homemaker, how in the world was I able to find that precious little sim card!!!  (I guess that means there might be hope for me to win homemaker of the year award.) LMAO

Well, I do have a few phone numbers retrieved from the old sim card….now to sit today and try to  input the rest of the info.  So, if you want me to have your info, and I know you all do, be sure and EMAIL me with that info.

Moral of this story is: AT & T will now be doing my upgrades because I’m not going through this crap again!


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