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A snake in the garage! Oh My!

Posted on: September 19, 2009

While getting ready to head to the grocery this a.m., I opened the garage door and as the door was going up, I saw something flipping and flopping!  It was a friggin’ 15 foot snake!

So I immediately go running into the house, screaming and yelling “there’s a snake in the garage”!  My knight in shining armor was on the computer….so let’s all assume, the reaction was  not quite immediate.  Actually, when he finally came out of the computer room, his reply was “what”?

So, still screaming, I yelled “there’s a damn snake in the garage”.

As usual, his first reaction, “no, there isn’t”.  Now, I’ve just come from the garage, and he’s been in the house….but he’s telling me what is NOT in the garage.  (I have to keep repeating….I live in a zoo, I live in a zoo.)

So he goes into the garage and immediately comes back “I don’t see a snake”.  Well, no shit, Sherlock!  It was flipping and flopping and it stands to reason, it will not be in the same position that I saw it.

Then his theory is, he’ll  open my car door and I can quickly run and get in the car and back it out….since I witnessed this so-called snake that is not in the garage, under my back bumper!

However, he goes and gets a garden tool, something like a hoe, and bangs it under my car while saying “go get in the car”.  I guess my knight in shining armor forgot about opening the car door for me!

I backed out and his comment was: well, it’s not in there now.

I figured the snake was in labor and flipping and flopping and now there are millions of baby snakes in the garage.

Dear readers….it’s just another day at the friggin’ zoo.

I’m looking for a cross-bow shooter to come find the damn snake and all the damn little babies!


1 Response to "A snake in the garage! Oh My!"

1. No, I wasn’t in a rush to confront the biggest snake in the world.
2. I was stating a fact: I didn’t see any snake.
3. If I would have opened the car door it would have blocked your entrance.
4. I did what I do best: I blogged it.

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