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Egads! What do I take to school for Kindergarten snacks?

Posted on: September 1, 2009

I received a call this morning from a close friend.  To give a happy ending to a sad story, they have just adopted the paternal grandfather’s granddaughter, giving this little girl, Abby a wonderful chance to have a productive and successful life.

However, today was Granny’s day to take snacks for the kindergartners.  She was in a panic – it had been too many years since she was in this position and was in a panic on what to take.  She even called her adult son in Memphis and inquired, “what should I take?”

When she left Sam’s Club….she had purchased $82 worth of snacks!  Yes, $82 worth of snacks….she called me and said, “surely, there will be something in this purchase that will be worthy of kindergarten snacks.” 

I asked her if she was just going to open the doors to the van, let all the kids in and have the snacks of their choosing!

I have an idea that this will be the first panic of many throughout Abby’s school years.

Keep it up Gayla….it was a good laugh for me today and I needed it! LOL


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