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Barfing my way across the USA…Colorado Springs, CO…Chap. 7

Posted on: September 1, 2009

Hubby adopted a giraffe for me for my birthday from Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs, CO.  Not Wyoming, not Montana, but Colorado.

This zoo is actually on a side of the mountain and has the most wonderful giraffe exhibit ever!!!  While we were there, they had 23 giraffes and one was on birth watch.

Found out we had free Southwest airline tickets….found out we had enough points for a free room for 3 nights…but, alas!  They really gouged us for car rental!!!

Stayed in a hotel in Manitou Springs, which is at the base of Pikes Peak, fairly close to the zoo. 

Arrived bright and early Friday morning, checked in to the hotel and off to the zoo we went!  If you have never been up close and personal with a giraffe, head to this zoo.  There is a platform built around half the exhibit and you can buy “giraffe crackers” and actually feed them.  Most giraffes DO NOT like to be petted!

We probably spent in giraffe crackers what airfare would have cost! LOL  They are the most amazing creatures….only have bottom teeth, they have the same number of bones in their necks that we have…weird, huh?  I need to get busy and knit Lola a loooooooong scarf for winter – wouldn’t want her to get a sore throat!

Took a “behind” the scenes tour (for $5, this zoo is so economical) and met my giraffe….I still can’t remember the African name, but her American name is Lola.



Isn’t she lovely…..lalalalala!

Notice her long tongue trying to hook the giraffe cracker!  Headed back to the hotel for a bite to eat and then back to the zoo to ride the ski lift to the top.  An astrology club had their telescopes, etc. set up for anyone and everyone to look through at the stars, etc.  CRAP!  Very cloudy and over cast so we didn’t see diddily squat!

Back to the hotel and to bed.  The next morning, yep, you guessed it….the mysterious disease hit. Couldn’t get out of bed because my body felt like it weighed 2 tons!  Hubby says “do you have it?”  And I barely squeaked out yes.  So who knows what he did by himself but I laid in bed, sleeping for what seemed like an eternity.

Finally, early afternoon I got up and took a shower and sat outside at the tables and chairs in front of the hotel.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day – low/no humidity which was wonderful.  Then my head began to get heavy, then my stomach started rolling….and the barfing began.  Yes, in front of the hotel, in front of other people sitting outside and enjoying the gorgeous day and there I am heaving, and heaving, and heaving.

Hubby got up and was patting me on the back trying to console me….after each barf, he gave me a color play-by-play of what it looked like.  Oh my gosh it’s green, what did you eat that was green?  Whoa, that’s even brighter green; OMG, that looks like the eggs you had for breakfast the day before……I wasn’t in any mood to argue with him….he was looking through sun glasses and it wasn’t green….it was a gorgeous color of yellow! LOL

Finally, mid-to-late afternoon we were on our way….I was moving slowly, but moving.

My next barf trip is planned for early October when 2 other friends and I are headed to Taos, NM to a HUGE fiber festival!  Stay tuned to see if my barfing continues.

Thanks for reading my barfing escapades….yeah, I know life is dull when you write about barfing.


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There will be no barfing on this trip to Taos. Something just occured to me. Since you barf after your arrive at your destination, do you do the same when you return from these trips? If not, I wonder why. Maybe its because your going into the unknown and your all excited, then after all the fun is over its back home, ho hum.

I really think you have motion sickness. It just may be delayed but think about it-you always get sick when you travel. Maybe take some dramimine or some other stuff.

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