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Barfing my way across the USA….Georgetown, TX…Chapter 6

Posted on: August 30, 2009

Needed to use up a free Southwest airline ticket so decided to visit friends that live in Georgetown, TX, a Del Web “retirement” community.  However, if I was writing their propoganda, I would refer to it as “senior years on a college campus”.  A good example:  these “old” (loose term) people do Halloween up right….they each carry a shot glass and go “trick or drinking”.  Apparently, it’s a way to get rid of alcohol you no longer like or care for…..I think the last house they hit up, usually gives them coffee and aspirin! LOL

Arrived there last October and was picked up by my friend Sandra, in her Smart car!  Our’s hadn’t arrived yet…bummer.  Picked up before lunch so we had most of the day to play.

I had scouted out some fiber farms that I wanted to visit to see what they had, since I had just purchased a spinning wheel.  Sandra had no clue what we were doing…which was fun for me! LOL

Went to one fiber farm, Fire Ant Ranch.  They had just returned from a fiber festival and her inventory was pretty low. I asked her to demo the electric spinning wheel since Sandra was such a newbie. She was impressed.

Then we headed off to another place, which I cannot remember the name of, and that’s really pathetic because she had tons, and tons, and tons of fiber and yarn for sale and actually sells on the internet.  It was a real business for her and she was most gracious in allowing us to pick through things….her garage, double garage was piled full of bales of fiber and some already spun yarn.  I want to go there the next time I’m visiting in Georgetown.

Started getting a little queasy while we were in this woman’s shop and just motioned to Sandra that I needed to go outside for some air after quickly paying for my prized possessions.  Told her to take her time, I just needed fresh air.  When she came out, she took one look at me and said “I think we’d better head home”.  Sandra got no argument from me on that.

We weren’t that far from her house, which was good, and I promptly went in and laid down, quickly falling asleep.  I heard her open the door to check on me but I couldn’t move.  After a couple of hours of sound sleep, very sound sleep, I might add, I got up feeling much better.  Never did barf on this trip, so maybe laying down and sleeping before it gets to the barfing stage is the key.

Tomorrow’s chapter will most likely be the most graphic….so be prepared….can you guess where…a hint, west of the good old Mississippi!


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