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Barfing my way across the USA….Fenway Park, Boston, Chapter 5

Posted on: August 29, 2009

Yep, folks, Fenway Park, the real Fenway Park, and get this… the broadcast booth is where my next barfing escapade took place.  Men… your heart out!!!  My SIL, being a staunch Cubs fan, couldn’t wait to tell his Red Sox buddies of my good fortune!

Hubby had the brainy idea to purchase Dockers Pants for free airline tickets anywhere in the continental US.  Well, after a major fiasco in getting to use these tickets, which includes getting phone and email time with the person that was in charge of this promotion, our trip came  to fruition.

Last June we planned a long week-end in Boston.  Even used priceline for a hotel and did we ever get a deal…..right on the “main thoroughfare” running through Boston, facing the Rose Kennedy Gardens, across from the famous Boston Fire Department and what a beautiful building that is!

Didn’t realize that the airport is basically on an island there.  Being the adventurous twosome, we decided to take a water taxi from the airport to the hotel.  Highly, highly recommend it….why sit in traffic when you can boat across the bay with no traffic lights, etc.

Hotel normally went for $525+ a night and good old William Shatner got it for us for $125/night.  What a steal….the most gorgeous tile bathroom…..and with my “disease”, bathrooms are important to me.

As usual, dropped the luggage off at the hotel and again, hit the ground running.  Boston is a very walkable city; in the “historic” district, there is a row of bricks in the sidewalk to follow if you choose to not take a guided tour.  Just pick up a pamphlet explaining the highlights along the brick way.  So cool and very interesting….one word of caution….wear comfortable shoes!  Remember, back in the day, there were cobblestone streets, and there still are cobblestone streets today.

Wandered everywhere that first day!  Called a friend in Texas to ask if she remembered where Paul Revere’s house was and lo and behold, we were standing in front of it!  It’s one of those places you must visit if you can find it….sign for it was very high on a high fence.  I could never have been a pioneer woman – but I bet I could have junked up the house really quickly, since they were so small….all the children could have slept outdoors as long as my precious things were protected!

Fell into bed that night and while drifting off to dreamland, the sinking feeling of when is the barfing going to start kept me awake…because I didn’t feel the urge yet!

Next day we headed to Fenway Park for a tour.  A must on everyone’s list even if you’re not a baseball fan!  So much history and the guides are very entertaining!  Tour groups are fairly small so all questions can be asked and answered. We had just sat down in the stands for the opening of the tour with stats of the ballpark, etc.  Then we headed upward to the “booths” where important people get to watch the game.  While standing in the hallway, and listening to the tour guide, the “wave” came over me….in a narrow hall, all doors are closed, and I’m hanging back to bring up the rear of the group.  I looked at hubby and mouthed “I’m going to barf”…..he immediately started opening doors, which of course, most were locked.  Finally found one and lo and behold, there was a huge basket with a swing-top lid…this is important because the first wave of nausea hit before I could get the lid open!  Yep, folks, I was barfing in the broadcast booth and missed the basket the first time.  Stood and barfed and barfed and barfed and then caught up with the group… one in the tour group was any wiser to my antics.  However, to this day, I still feel guilty for not telling anyone because the stench in there had to be awful for the next game. (No tours are held on game days.)

Took forever to find a drinking fountain to rinse out my mouth….and then, it was on with the tour.

Anyone coming up with a disease name for this barfing yet?

Went to Harvard and looked around the campus – it’s gorgeous!  Lots of spring festivals were being held and those are always fun to witness.

Also took one of the famous Duck Tours – where you ride an amphibious vehicle – land for part of the tour and water for the rest.

Also, heard bagpipes and followed the music….bagpipes are cool and what better place than Boston to hear a “bagpipe band” wandering around playing all the Irish tunes.

Winding down on the barfing antics….but still have a couple of more places to write about….can you guess where the next one is?


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