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Barfing my way across the USA….Ft. Myers

Posted on: August 25, 2009

Many years ago when the oldest daughter moved to FL, I began a medical mystery that to this day haunts me.

For some reason, when I fly (anywhere), within 48 hours I get very ill and vomit, turn extremely pale, feel like crap, but eventually return to “normalcy”.

The first time this mysterious illness happened was the first time hubby and I flew to Ft. Myers to see the new digs she and hubby moved in to and to see their work place, etc.

Being beach idiots, of course the first thing we wanted to do was head to Ft. Myers Beach.  Within a mile or two of their apartment, I immediately yelled “pull over, I’m going to be sick”.  And thus the mysterious illness began!  There’s a special corner, called “Nancy’s Corner” that began it all.  Everytime, to this day, when we go by it, someone comments, there it is…..The Corner, still filled with all kinds of newspaper/print boxes – some free, some for pay.

After arriving at the beach and finding a place to park, the “wave” overcame me again.  I often wonder what the family that was headed to the beach with all their floats, towels, etc. and 5 kids thought when they passed the car in the parking lot and I’m hanging out the door barfing like crazy.

Some other quirks about this mystery illness – it never happens on a return flight; it is not air sickness.

This saga will have many chapters….I assure you, I have barfed in some of the finest establishments across the good ole USA!

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I will vouch for the veracity of this and subsequent posts. If you desire specific details of pukicity, I will oblige.

[…] When we fly anyplce she barfs on the first full day of the trip. Not on the travel day, the day after! […]

I am well prepared for this event. As I told you, I will bring the best and I mean the best, barf bag for you on our trip to NM come Oct.

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