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Political infidelity – a possible solution….

Posted on: August 9, 2009

Since so many of our “trusted”, and I use that term loosely, politicians are unable to “keep it in their pants”, I would like to propose a possible solution that could cut down on a lot of infidelity; thereby, not publicly  humiliating their spouses and families.

We live in a different world than 40+ years ago, where politicians most likely could “save” (in their minds) by having an apartment/living quarters in D.C.  This is the electronic age….everyone is computer saavy! And IF they are not, perhaps they have been in office too long.  I’m a believer that a politician should not consider this a chosen profession. In other words, just like in the real world, you can be at the same job for too long.

Think of the money that would be saved, let alone the opportunities of infidelity that arise by a spouse living in D.C. and the other spouse and family living somewhere across the US.

If people can work from their homes via computer, why can’t the politicians?  Oh wait, that would mean that D.C. might be like the rest of the US with vacant homes/apartments, no political meals, secret meetings, etc.  But if they had an office staffed in their territory, like they are staffed in D.C. – it would give locals a chance at a job.

I would like to challenge our government to at least look at this option. Let the politicians gather and vote once a quarter – stay in a motel for a week, etc.  WOW! Think of the money that could be saved….plus….having a politican readily available and living in his district where  the constituents can actually speak with the person supposedly representing us, wouldn’t that be a novel idea.

Oh, wait, that could be a change….and we’re against  change, right America?

I also think a President should get a 6 year term – one term only.  And while I’m on my soap box…no campaign should last more than 4 mos.  In other words, campaigning begins 4 mos. before the election.  Do you honestly think that during the last presidential run, you were being represented fairly by someone criss-crossing the US?  What a waste of money, time and effort for everyone involved.

Yes, I’m ready for change….starting with the above suggestions!


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And gee, let’s see …hmmmm… long ago was that constitution written? If you honestly think our government is acting and doing what the constitution says, I suggest you re-read it!

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