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Another birthday lunch

Posted on: August 4, 2009

Today a friend, Velma, wanted to take me for a birthday lunch. (It seems the older I get, the more drug out the birthday is!)

Went to TGI Fridays.  If you have not had their tomato/basil soup….it’s too die for! So yummy.

The waitress is taking our order and I ordered an unsweetened ice tea w/lemon; Velma ordered a Long Island Tea! I sort of looked at her and the waitress asked her if that was what she wanted…Velma replied yes.

Waitress brings the drinks, Velma takes a big ole (that’s what they say in KY) sip; her eyes opened wide, and she did a big gulp.  It was not what she thought it was.  Me, being me, thought it was hysterical!!!

Another great birthday moment! LOL


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