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What do my friends know that I don’t?

Posted on: May 12, 2009

Yesterday was a most interesting day; had lunch with a former co-worker. I must say, I miss the people not the work! DUH!

However, when I arrived home, there was a package for me in the mail from a friend that said it’s an early birthday gift. (My birthday is the end of July)  Opened the front door and there was a gift bag hanging on the door knob; a birthday gift from another friend.

Since it’s a couple of months until my birthday, I’m wondering if they know something I don’t….like I’m not going to make it until my next birthday!  OMG

So now I’m on a mission to get some stuff cleared out in case I don’t make it!  Yep, garage sale shoppers get ready for some really fantastic deals!


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