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Joe Biden, the Sarah Palin of the Democrats

Posted on: May 1, 2009

I was not a happy camper when Joe Biden was selected as Obama’s VP running mate.

He’s certainly proving that he’s the male version of Sarah Palin (who I happened to like!)  I feel sorry for Obama.  I imagine Joe Biden is going to have to submit all of his sound bites from now on for approval!

Not enough duct tape to keep him quiet – perhaps if China supplies it, we’ll be just fine!


2 Responses to "Joe Biden, the Sarah Palin of the Democrats"

Not quite. Biden is an experienced, intelligent politician. When Sarah speaks, it’s not a gaffe. What comes out of her is the truth–that she is not a complex thinker with even a 7-th grader’s grasp of how American government works.

Personally, I think an experienced, intelligent politician would not say to the world “I’m telling my family to not travel in confined spaces”. You have to admit, that’s not really smart on his part – my feeling in comparing him to Sarah Palin is, he opens his mouth and then the President reigns him in (many people did not like what Sarah had to say and said she needed to be reigned in)…did you not see the press conference awhile back when the President actually touched him on the arm as if to say to a small child “that’s enough”? You are entitled to your opinion as I am to mine.

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