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Stitches South was fun!

Posted on: April 27, 2009

Last Friday evening a friend, Gayla, and I headed for Atlanta with enough drinks in a cooler to last a month!

About 10 p.m. we decided to stop because we were both extremely tired. Back on the road again about 8ish a.m.  Decided that since the Market at Stitches South didn’t open until 10 a.m. and we were in town early, we would head to the IKEA store.

While waiting in the parking lot for the store to open, a guy in a BMW convertible with a dog drove up and stopped and asked us where he could find a pet store to buy his dog a leash.  Keep in mind, this BMW had the trim stripped off the passenger side of the door.  Instead of saying “we’re not from around here”…Gayla gave him directions to a sign we had seen advertising Petco.  As he drove away, I looked at her and said “if that guy isn’t a sexual predator, I don’t know who is. And he uses his dog to attract his prey.”

Upon entering the store, we immediately headed up the escalator to get to the cafeteria.  While riding up, a very attractive woman of color asked Gayla if she looked tan….she said she had just come from the tanning bed and wanted to know if Gayla thought she had gotten some color.  Gayla’s answer was “well, you look like you have a pretty color all over!”  It was all I could do not to wet my pants laughing….yes, still tired and thought every statement anyone made was pretty hilarious.

She has never been in an IKEA store and was in awe – for those that haven’t been in one, they have the most awesome cafeteria that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I ordered a regular breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, potatoes and French toast sticks for $1.99…yep, that’s one dollar and 99 cents! Delish.

Then we started out shopping.  In an Ikea store they have foot prints and lines to follow to shop; these stores are HUGE!

Then we followed a woman that had a low cut dress on – her back was showing – she had on a black bra with a nude bra extender; which of course brought on another round of laughter.

Finally we decided about 1ish p.m. we would head to check in to the hotel and go to the Yarn Market.  Luck was with us and found a parking spot that was just steps from the hotel lobby entrance.  Needless to say, we never moved the car!

WOW!  Stitches markets are unbelievable.  A few years ago, 8 of us went to the one in Chicago.  Size-wise, this didn’t compare – even the crowds were down.  But it certainly made for leisurely, enjoyable shopping.

Closed up the Market and headed for a dinner in the hotel.  I’ve never had such great tasting lasagna – I swear the noodles were homemade!  While I had a relatively cheap dinner compared to Gayla’s – I won’t tell you what she spent but it’s between $57 and $59!

Saturday morning, Gayla headed to Starbucks in the lobby to get us “drinks”.  I’ve made a vow, I can never travel on a girl trip again without Emily, who washed my face daily for me in Chicago, and Gayla, who brought me a Carmel Macchiato!

We were there to open the Market on Sunday morning; guess you have to be a fiber fanatic to enjoy all the touchy, soft fibers. Yes, it’s called a fibergasm!

Headed for home around 3 p.m. because things were not being marked down like they were in Chicago – not sure if it’s the crappy economy, smallness of the show or what, but there were not crowds like we expected. 

We both enjoyed it so much and can’t wait to attend another one.

Watch out Tao, NM, we’re probably  headed to your Fiber Festival in October!


For those wondering, yes, men do attend!

PS: This was the first time this event was held in Atlanta.  I certainly hope the vendors were pleased so it will continue there – unless, they’d like to try having it in Nashville!!! Which would be so awesome!

The only criticism I would have is, vendors need to have their wares clearly priced; I can’t tell you how many times we just wanted to know the price of something and gave up trying to get a “clerk” to acknowledge we were there; some of them were too busy yakking with each other; so we headed to other booths that were more customer friendly.

Also, it was fun to see the wares in person from websites where I’ve ordered “stuff”.




































































































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I had such a fabulous time! Nancy you are so wonderful to travel with. You make the best plans and have everything so coordinated. That is truly a talent. The hotel we stayed out was just gorgeous, the rooms were so very nice and the best of all thing is if you are not sure if you should buy it just ask Nancy, she will tell you to BUY BUY BUY! Then you don’t have to worry about it anymore

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