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Sewing room…organized…and absolutely lovely and relaxing

Posted on: April 3, 2009


I finally did it!!!  Got tired of my “friends” saying “I’m going to come help you get that sewing room organized”. So I hired a professional organizer that has been doing organizing and cleaning for 17 years.  Here they are just beginning to get started.

I will confess that when Nina (L), owner of the business, stepped in the doorway, her hand flew to her mouth and she uttered “oh, my”.  This will cost you the next 5 stimulus checks you get! (actually, I just made that part up).

They started right in…..and soon this was happening…..


The organizing was beginning to take shape.  Keep in mind they were able to work continuously…not having to stop to break up a dog fight, let a dog in or let a dog out, stop to fix a meal….but able to keep right at it.  They organized all my Christmas fabric, patriotic fabric, dog fabric, animal prints, etc.


And in a few  short hours… shelves were all in order……


and there’s actually room to use the cutting table as a cutting table….but most of all there was a floor!  And to think very little was actually thrown out….if you’re in need of an organizer, I highly recommend Nina!

I spent all afternoon sewing….was wonderful….a friend called and said “I called your home number because I knew you would be home sewing and enjoying your organized room”…..and I was!!!


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You should write labels so you can remember where everything is like shelf two row eight just and idea

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