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Bath swap from Ravelry

Posted on: March 6, 2009


Looked what arrived today!  I participated in a “bath swap” from Ravelry; and this is what I received…rubber duckies for playtime, tea to relieve stress, jelly beans, chocolate bar, a journal, candles, a sea shell from the Outer Banks, bath gel and lotion,  3 big bars of homemade soap called “Dreamsicle”, and 2 hand knit wash cloths!!!!  Came from Jennifer in West Virginia.

If I could give her a big hug, I would….the new owner of puppy No. 5  just left with her.  So it’s a good day but a little sad….and this wonderful swap is a big pick-me-up!!!

I hope Jennifer knows how this has helped me get through the day…and tonight, I’ll be relaxing in a hot tub…LOL, too much info, I know.


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