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Dumped puppy! Do you want her?

Posted on: March 1, 2009


This adorable puppy was dumped and wandered to our neighbors house.  She called last night to see if by chance we had gotten another one that got away! LOL  I quickly counted our 4 and then asked about it.  She thought it was a lab.

In the above picture she has her legs wrapped around me and is hanging on for dear life.  She’s a real cuddler.  Maybe 2 months old?  Wants to be held.

I can’t believe people do this to animals….makes me wonder what they do to children!

I’m calling her No. 5….Mark won’t hold her because he doesn’t want to become attached.


In this picture she is leaning her little face into mine…if I try to move my face, she just presses harder against me.

Please think about “adopting” No. 5.


2 Responses to "Dumped puppy! Do you want her?"

We still have our “dumped” puppy. As a matter of fact, she goes to the vets today. Jimee told me our next pet was going to be named “surplus” or “extra. Thank goodness she came with her name on her raggedy bandana….” so ya might want to consider those names as well….he or she looks adorable.

Brooke took her but we’re still looking for homes for her. She’s so loveable and wants to cuddle!!!! Yes, we bonded, and yes, I miss her but know that No. 5 is just too much for me handle. I was at the vet yesterday and they about died when I told them I had named her No. 5!

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