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Crawl lines on TV – too much of a good thing

Posted on: February 2, 2009

Sat down this morning to watch a little of  The View.  Little being the key word!

Across the bottom of the screen is a crawl line telling which schools, etc. are closed.  Across the middle of the screen is the crawl line telling about the Feb. 17 conversion (is there anyone that’s unaware of this?) and across the top of the screen is a crawl line telling which area shelters needs this and that and the boil water before drinking, etc.

OK, people, we keep hearing how people are without electricity….hmmmm…..the places where schools are closed most likely have no power…get the picture.

I know I’m going to celebrate Feb. 18 when this damn conversion is over! Some stations are already indicating they’ve already switched….guess what people, if the public isn’t ready for this conversion on 2/17, I guarantee they’ll be making purchases so they can watch TV on the 18th!

With that many crawl lines going at the same time….makes me want to choke someone!

OK, and that’s my little gripe for today – this afternoon I’ll be bowling for boobies!


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