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Global warming? Then why am I freezing?

Posted on: January 29, 2009

I have heard so many people say that lately.

 However,  I don’t think the public realizes that global warming means there will be extreme temperatures – extremely hot….extremely cold, which it is now.

Remember how hot it was last summer and every one was saying “whew, this global warming – must be something to it”. 

Perhaps it should be called Global Extremes! 

Aren’t you glad you’ve been enlightened?


2 Responses to "Global warming? Then why am I freezing?"

Thank you for explaining. Extreme temperature variations are what makes Kentucky Bourbon so special. With global warming, your readers would be well advised to start stocking up.

I’m duly enlightened.

Thanks for the nice review of our book. Martha Zettlemoyer is hard at work on a more formal review to submit to the Daily News….unless you want to undertake the job…..????

You may remember Martha from being stabbed not once, not twice, not three times, but FOUR before she kicked her assailant’s ass and sat on him until the police (finally) arrived.

BRRRR…thank God for cashmere and my lovely furry scarf hand crafted by Nancy Van (ne Zant) Patton.

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