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Family Gems – A Novel in Letters (sort of a review)

Posted on: January 28, 2009

I worked (notice the past tense!) with a guy named Daniel Curry.  Daniel and his friend, Jim Browning, have written a book called “Family Gems”  (A Novel in Letters).

Jim is Jewell Mattingly Garrett and Daniel is Ruby Janelle Mattingly Clarkson; they are sisters.  Jewell still lives in KY but Ruby has moved to a condo in Falstaff, AZ.  There is a third sister, Opal, who just can’t seem to find her way, except in a bottle!

Jewell refers to the condo in the Sandy Heights Retirement Village as a trailer; Ruby tries to set her straight in that it’s not a trailer!  Remember folks, Jewell is still living in KY.

Nancy Van Zant (based on me, oh my gosh,  I’m so flattered!) is Ruby’s best friend at Sandy Heights.

They are real cute letters written between the two regarding family goings on in KY and Ruby’s travels with her husband, Tommy.  Oh, and the tupperware party she has at the retirement village with a KY spread of food for her neighbors. 

Lots of goings on at Teensie and Weensie’s Kurl Up and Dye in Beattyville.

Ruby convinces Tommy to take her to Mardi Gras, but only because she’s given in to going to Dallas and San Antonio; and she claims she’ll get to Mardi Gras or come home a widow!

There are REAL family recipes from their mother’s in this book – can’t wait to try some of them.

I think there is a sequel to this that needs to be written. This is the link to purchase it!


5 Responses to "Family Gems – A Novel in Letters (sort of a review)"

I liked the review. I know Daniel and now I can’t wait to read his book. Knowing one of the characters is based on you just makes it that much better.

I know when I finally show up at BN again I better wear a name tag. I subscribe to your blog and it helps me feel connected:)

LOL!!! Oh my gosh….you have a screw loose if you subscribe to feel connected through me! Funny, funny, funny! We need to get together – I can tell you some funny stuff that we used to do with Daniel; he’s a hoot!

I haven’t been to BN in so long on a Monday, that I’ll need a name tag too! See ya’ soon.

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