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Albuquerque trip – 50% good/50% bad

Posted on: January 28, 2009


Arrived in Albuquerque Friday afternoon and headed to Old Towne.  Cathedral on the square looked so pretty in the sunlight with the dark, menacing clouds (when we lived in MI we called these snow clouds).

Had direct orders to buy a bangle bracelet for a friend – anyone that knows me, knows that I’ll shop till I drop! Found the perfect bracelet, no others like it – if she doesn’t like it, I might have a new bracelet made by the Zuni’s!

Wandered around the square for awhile and then headed to Sadies, a wonderful New Mexican (as they call the food) restaurant made out of an old bowling alley.  Portions were way too big for anyone to “clean their plate”!

Headed to the hotel which was only about 3 blocks from Old Towne.

Spent a horrible night, either sweating profusely or freezing cold – woke up upchucking! What a way to start a short week-end get-away!  I spent the entire day either upchucking or zonked out in bed. Hubby kept checking on me after wandering around to some various venues…including a casino!  Which he knew I would dearly have loved to go visit!

Sunday was a better day –


Drove up thru Santa Fe and on to Taos to watch the skiers and see a “little” snow!  The mountains are really beautiful covered in snow.  My motto is: Snow doesn’t have to come to me, if I want to see snow, I know where to go! 

Shopped a little in Taos and found a yarn shop – where Julia Roberts shops!

Headed back to Albuquerque Sunday evening – stopping in Santa Fe and ate at the old train station there. Very upscale!

Monday a.m. did a little more shopping in Old Towne – told you I like to shop! Then headed to the airport and back home Monday night.

As I told my hubby, 50% of the trip was great – the other 50% was horrible!

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