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15 minutes to an organized sewing room – yeah, right?!

Posted on: January 28, 2009


Yesterday I surfed some sewing sites and came upon an article – how to organize your sewing room; Since mine looks like this (no comments, please) I thought I might learn something.

One of the “hints” was set a timer and spend 15 minutes a day working and organizing your sewing room. Thought that sounded like something I might be able to do before the ADD sets in till I looked in there.  Folks, 15 minutes would only be like going thru the first layer of many layers.  Wonder if 30 minutes would be too long to get started? AAAGHGHWGHGH


2 Responses to "15 minutes to an organized sewing room – yeah, right?!"

No,15 minutes a day is a great way to start I would suggest that you clear of one wall just push everything to 3 walls and have want is one strip clear. That may be day one. Next take old boxes start with five label them and only but in it what is label for example I’ll give the box one zippers box two thread box three robbins. Now if you come accross a button leave that will be for another but start from right to left don’t shift though pick up everything and right to left then the next day label three to five more boxes until everything is pick neatly and organize . Now you have to big wonderful clean space you can empty each box where you want it but put it back so you cankeep up with the hard work you put in hope that was a help

I didn’t even see how old this was…. Well how did you make out?

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