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Tues. – capped off with an inauguaral Mamma Mia party

Posted on: January 21, 2009

After spending most of Tuesday glued to the TV and all the festivities, it was time for a break…

Invited 22 women to a viewing of Mamma Mia at the club; we all enjoyed a yummy chicken alfredo lasagna, salad, garlic toast and the most luscious dessert – pieces of chocolate cake, with coffee flavored ice cream and carmel drizzled on top….YUM!

Then the movie started!  I was flabbergasted at the number of women that had NOT seen Mamma Mia!  It’s just got the music that makes you want to shimmy your shoulders, and any other body parts that will move!

Lots of singing was involved.  A good time was had by all….

but…..there sure were some people dragging into bowling this morning! LOL


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