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Machine embroidery bash – Fun, Fun, Fun,

Posted on: January 18, 2009

till her Daddy took her T-bird away….just had to add that!

Spent ALL day Saturday an an Embroidery Bash at Sally Cheney’s in Nashville learning new techniques, millions of ideas and meeting new friends!  Sponsored by Anita Goodesign designs!

Chris, the man that took the seminar job about 4 and a half years ago was promised meeting millions of women that would idolize him….he said the downside was no one told him those women would have sharp scissors and needles in their possession.  If you ever get a chance to go to a seminar and he’s the speaker, do it….he’s very knowledgeable and witty, making the time pass too quickly!

And the best part, we all got to “create” something using the new Babylock Ellisimo!  Which is a sales pitch that is extremely difficult to pass up – hear that hubby?!

We learned a quick and easy way to do cut-work, quilting squares, embroidering on card stock (not my favorite), and making a suede coin purse type thingy with a zipper!  We had 5 people to a machine; one woman in our group didn’t want to do it because she didn’t have “that fancy” machine – so the other 4 of us were happy embroiderers!  In fact, 3 out of the 5 of us received a door prize (moi, being one!). 

This was one of those days that you wish the economy is not like it is because I’m sure they would have sold a lot more!  Perhaps even to me!

As it is, one person bought the 6 needle professional Babylock and I think 2 people purchased Ellisimo’s; and some were purchased at Friday’s seminar.  And lots of women took advantage of the Anita Goodesign Club!

Going to a seminar like this, re-charges your creative juices and getting to talk to others about your hobbies is a great opportunity.

Oh, Jan, a knitting and embroidery friend went with me – we had a great time!!!


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