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Politicians be aware….

Posted on: January 16, 2009

For the last week or so, we have been receiving phone calls from this number 606-330-2432.  Most of the time no one is at the other end of the line, which is extremely irritating!

So far today, I’ve had 5 phone calls from this number in 2 hours.  Picked up the phone on the last call but did not say a word.  Then I hear a male voice telling me about voting for J. Marshall Hughes!  I very impolitely replied: I do not take political phone calls and hung up.

Does any one know of  one single person voting for a politician because of the irritating political phone calls?  These stupid, irritating, can’t block the phone number  calls need to be done away with – immediately.

In today’s political world, it could very easily be a very creative opponent thinking that they’ll get people irritated, like moi, and receive the other candidate’s vote….or it could back fire and people will write in names!

If you google the phone number, you’ll see all kinds of people receiving these calls and becoming angry – yep, I fired off an email to the Attorney General…and if you read the complaints, it isn’t just my email the AG will be receiving.


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J. Marshall Hughes business office phone number is 270-782-6000; 270-782-7911; also home phone is: 270-781-1028.
Fight fire with fire.

This number does not belong to J. Marshall Hughes. It is believe this number is owned by the democratic calling machine and has been designed to deliver messages (Or hang up calls) to people in voting districts. This number has not been used since the Feb. election until today when Trey Grayson has begun his campaign. I think they forgot to change the number to reflect that it belongs to someone else…now.

At the time of the posting, it did!

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