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Big group at Panera’s this morning

Posted on: January 9, 2009

Normally on Friday at Panera’s, we sit at the long table because it usually accommodates all of us.  However, this morning was a different story! 

How dare they hold a Panera business meeting there relegating us to pushing 5 -6 tables together to accommodate all the knitters and guests!  LOL  Seriously, I would think if they needed the big table (and I don’t think every chair was filled) and were conducting a meeting, they would meet towards the back and push tables together for their meeting – after all we are paying customers.

Lot of people today working on different projects…and then there were some “just sitters” – ie: Jim and Velma!  We love when a man shows up – it’s interesting to see what topics can make their faces turn red!  Hard to do it with Jim – he lives with Cat. LOL


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