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Boobie Bowling Monday

Posted on: January 5, 2009

Another fun day at the lanes!  Cat came again….in hopes of beating Obama’s score of 37….tada….she did it, all 3 games!

She did bring her knitting and it was quite funny when she got up to bowl with the yarn and the sock she was working on wrapped around her leg.  The two younger guys bowling on our lanes tried to get her attention….they said, “you can’t knit and bowl at the same time”….but I’m betting if it came down to it, Cat would be the one person that could knit and bowl at the same time!

I think in February Bowling for Boobies will end with a “little” tournament – giving everyone, no matter the skill level, a chance to win something!

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sad to say that was the only strike I got…go figure.

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