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1st New Year’s Resolution – broken

Posted on: January 4, 2009

I decided that one of my resolutions this year would be to NOT do any housework on the week-ends!  After all hubby doesn’t work 7 days a week and I  decided I should get a break in my routine too.  You know “all work and no play, makes Nancy crabby”.

However, since the dryer died, and I didn’t keep up with laundry over the holidays, I’m doing laundry as fast and furious as I can.

New dryer is very quiet!!!


4 Responses to "1st New Year’s Resolution – broken"

I’m surprised there is no photo with this post…soo which one did you get?

The Maytag Cenntennial Commercial Technology one – huge drum for drying bedspreads that my dogs get mud on; and besides Mark’s clothes are so huge, it doesn’t take much to fill up the washer let alone the dryer. LOL

Happy Valentine’s Day!

weekends are made for relaxing. What I don’t do in the evenings after work DOES NOT GET DONE!!! Happy New Year. The book is now available at Barnes and Noble according to manager Natalie. I would call first, because they didn’t order very many.

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