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Wow! HUGE Turnout at Panera

Posted on: January 2, 2009

What a great turnout at Panera this morning – great start to the New Year (except for my dryer dying yesterday.)!!!

Lots of regulars, lots of guests from out of town, lots of clicking needles, except for the hookers, lots of talking – added tables to the big long table we confiscate on Fridays in order to accommodate everyone.

Bought a kit to make an Andean Chullo hat and when I held it up, one guest, a man, ahem, commented that I had lots of colorful balls.  My comment was – I’m a woman, what did you expect?

Left Panera and headed to shop for a dryer and got such a ferocious headache I came home.

So now I’m drinking Bananas Foster flavored coffee and making tortilla soup for dinner and listening to the dogs bark at the UPS truck because it’s not stopping at our house. Actually, they bark more when UPS stops at the house!


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