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Another use for Bitch Wine

Posted on: January 1, 2009


While getting ready to make pepperoni bread, I searched hi and low, well, not real high because I wasn’t about to find a step stool, and couldn’t find my rolling pin.

AHA! Then I decided if I wrapped the bottle of  Bitch Wine in Stretch ‘n Seal wrap, it would serve the same purpose….

ta da….a rolling pin!

A good cook is never without a bottle of Bitch Wine in her kitchen.


5 Responses to "Another use for Bitch Wine"

Well, I’m impressed with the rolling pin but more impressed that you made your own bread!

Well aren’t you full of surprises. I’d like to sample some of that bread! And tell me, is the wine dry or sweet?

The bread is gone and I’m not opening the wine – it’s my show bottle! May go get another bottle to sample tho’. LOL

[…] Nancy acquired, through gift or impulse purchase, I’m not sure which, A bottle of wine with a label of Bitch. […]

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