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Leopard print ironing board cover

Posted on: December 30, 2008

Yep,  I found a leopard print ironing board cover today at TJ Maxx.  I’m hoping that will entice me to get the ironing done!  So far, it’s not even on the ironing board – maybe tomorrow.  And if you’re lucky, I might take a pic.

I’m not a lucky wife who has a husband that will iron his clothes and I think the next friend that looks at me in surprise – YOU IRON FOR YOUR HUSBAND?  MY HUSBAND DOES HIS OWN IRONING – so friends take note, it will be bitch-slap time for you!

I could name other things he doesn’t do that other husbands do, but I doubt I would finish typing by tomorrow night!  And knitting is calling me.


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I thought that’s what Big B cleaners were for….

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