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Merry Christmas to all…and Happy Hat Holidays

Posted on: December 25, 2008




This is the kind of Christmas you have when it’s just you and your hubby and the 4 dogs!  He does what he wants, and I complete a hat started two days ago!  Oh, yes, we were sloppy, sloppy clothes, no make-up (for me), and graze all day on munchies, cheese, cheese balls, sausage, artichoke dip, shrimp, etc.

I’ve had this pattern forever and decided to dig it out – now to do the other 3 animal prints that came with the pattern.  Fun and easy….ah, I just remembered, I think I bought this pattern on ebay about 6 years ago…see, eventually you do use the “stash stuff” whether it be patterns, yarn, or fabric.

May hit the movie theatre later this afternoon to see Doubt – and spend this evening watching Mamma Mia, the Kareoke version!  Hmmm….might be a computer cam evening!

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wicked cool!!!

You’re getting pretty advanced with that color work!

Wow! You go Girl, you are getting so advanced! Reading charts and all> WOW!!!

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