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Abby-go-round – Abby can sew – Abby needs her own dog!

Posted on: December 21, 2008

abbygoroundAbby and Gayla came for a Christmas visit on Friday.  I thought Abby needed to ride the antique carousel at the mall….she loved it!

abbysewsAfter the carousel ride, and after eating lunch, we decided to hit TJ Maxx before heading back to my house to open presents.  Found this outfit and lo and behold, it was Abby’s size!  Yep, gotta start ’em young with the animal print and feathers!

She was so excited when she opened my gift to her – her very own sewing machine so now she can sew right along with Gayla!  When they got ready to leave, Gayla wanted to put it in the back and Abby insisted it needed to be right beside her so she could see it.

abbysofiAbby and Sofi – cute, huh? It was a very fun day!!!  I need a dose of Abby more often.


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