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Posted on: December 16, 2008

ellaA good friend of mine has a darling adopted girl, Ella Grace from Guatemala; I figured she could always use another backpack – and besides this one is very girly!  She’s anxiously awaiting word that she’ll get a second daughter, Maya, from Guatemala.  Ella and her Mom have been to Guatemala a couple of times to visit Maya; now that the Guatamalan government is cracking down on adoptions, it’s iffy if Maya will get to come live in the US.  Keep in mind, she’s been trying to get her here for over 2 years.  Please keep your fingers crossed that they’ll get wonderful news this week.

An attorney there is hoping to get her “grandfathered” in because before the crack down,  some mother’s claim they didn’t know their children were going to the US to be adopted; these same mother’s don’t have their children living with them and don’t want to take care of them.  Maya’s mother lives 9 hours from where she has to appear in court to give her consent. My friend has been paying a foster mother hundreds of dollars a month to keep Maya. She’s paid for her health care, clothes, dental care, etc.  The bond is there between all three, let’s hope the government doesn’t screw up another child’s life by denying her the adoption.  If they do not let her adopt Maya, she’ll be sent to an orphanage!


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