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4 Loose Women in Nashville

Posted on: December 8, 2008

Last week, Emily, Pat, Joanne and I traveled to Nashville for an evening of food and theatre.  We chowed down at “the bordello” (Spaghetti Factory) on Second Avenue.  The three women had never eaten at a Spaghetti Factory – we even ate in “the streetcar named Desire”.

The waitress we had was pathetic!  Not only was our order screwed up, but she screwed up the table next to us! We decided she was either drunk or on drugs.

Anyway, on with the gala….Emily proceeded to take a bite of her salad and promptly dropped salad dressing on her glasses that were tucked into a necklace!  Of course, that caused a loud eruption of laughter – she had left her adult bib at home because she didn’t want to get it dirty.

After stuffing ourselves, we rolled out of  “the streetcar named Desire” and headed to the car to head to T-Pac (Tennessee Performing Arts Center) to see Tuna Does Vegas.  If you have seen any of the other Tuna productions, you’ll know when I say, it’s hilarious!!!  I think Tuna Christmas was a tad funnier but it’s still a funny, funny show.

When the characters showed up on stage dressed as the seasons showgirls, I thought we all were going to wet our pants laughing.

It’s amazing that only two guys can portray all the characters!  Go see it!


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