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Today’s little project….embroidered picture frame

Posted on: December 2, 2008


Picture doesn’t do it justice! I have a friend that loves horses, riding, etc.  So for her birthday – and this is belated! – this is an embroidered cowboy boot frame.  You just attach magnets to the back and it can be put on a refrigerator, etc. – or it could be used in a regular photo frame as “matting”.  The real light boot is a blue and green and looks really good in person.

Now for the facts…..actual embroidery time is 160 minutes – but that doesn’t include the time you have invested of changing threads 24 times!  I figure it’s a 4 hour project and it takes a really good friend for me to spend that much time embroidering on one project.


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Do you knit between color changes???

The red/white are separate yarns – the stocking part is all knit! Very easy and reading the chart isn’t too bad either….but you do have to focus! LOL

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