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Do you clean first and then decorate for Christmas….

Posted on: December 1, 2008

or do you decorate and clean afterwards?  And don’t tell me you clean both times! LOL

I’m no Martha Stewart and cleaning is pretty low on the list – hint, I need a cleaning lady!

But, I’m going to drag out the tree and get started on it and hopefully by this week-end, all will be done and we’ll be in the Christmas spirit!  Went to a Christmas Open House yesterday at a friend’s and her house was so beautifully decorated.

She has 3 dogs – we have 4 – surely one more dog doesn’t make the difference in how the house looks. However, yesterday was tear apart dog toy day!  I would like to be able to buy a dog toy that cannot be destroyed, so if you have suggestions on that, I would welcome them! At certain times, the living room floor had 3 inches of snow (stuffing) on it!

Gotta go drag the tree in!


3 Responses to "Do you clean first and then decorate for Christmas…."

Neither? Nah, clean after decorating – catch all the stuff that falls off, dust up whatever needs it, vacuum, all the fun stuff…. and ta da – house looks great and smells lovely! No matter how temporary hehe

Loved the last sentence! LOL Yep, it will temporarily look clean!

During !
There’s one to throw ya ! I have to vacuum as I put up the tree – it has glass beads on it that the animals need not get into 🙂 Because I do themes in the rooms its easier to clean as I go that way I also dont chicken out and say Ill do it later 😛

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