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Dorothy and Toto

Posted on: November 7, 2008

dorothyThe bowling group I belong to on Weds. mornings does Halloween in fine style!  Dressing up, bringing in food to eat and no one cares what score they bowl!

Last year I was a tacky Biker Babe so this year I decided to do something tame – Dorothy and Toto, with my baby Sofi as Toto.  Aren’t we fetching?!  Didn’t get a good picture showing my authentic Ruby Red shoes.

Toto’s (aka Sofi) feet never touched the floor all morning!  She was so worn out from this adventure, she slept all afternoon!


4 Responses to "Dorothy and Toto"

When Dorothy was traveling to OZ, she passed a poppy. Well Dorothy slept for 40 years in that field. This must be her on crack and Toti used to be brown headed. Dorothy and Toti 40 years later.

That’s suppose to be a poppy field.

You have so much fun, you are my hero!

adorable. I was Don Draper from AMC’s Mad Men series.

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