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Jack’s hoodie on the “drying board”

Posted on: October 20, 2008

This is the second hoodie I’ve made for Jack. This yarn was specially dyed by Ashley from Enchanted Yarn and Fiber….it’s so much prettier in person than on the “drying board”.

I’ve never blocked with blocking wires so made a frantic call to Diane for help.  She was coming over to pick up some Pampered Chef sprinkles.

Got the sweater blocked, talked a bit and then she left.

Called me about 7:30 and greeted me with “boy are we old!”  “What did I come to your house for?”  We both forgot all about the sprinkles.

I think we’ve reached the age where all we can handle is one thought/thing at a time – OMG, does this mean we’re turning into men? LOL


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You sound thrilled with your newfound abilities. Handling one thought at a time is a gift right? We can stay focused on the task at hand that way – like the task of leaving a reply on your blog. Wait a sec… what were you talking about in your blog?

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