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My first spinning of yarn…tee hee!

Posted on: October 17, 2008

This is my first foray of spinning. Spun some blue pencil roving and then some purple pencil roving….now I’m plying them together. I’m so excited! Now I’m working on a name for it…probably end up with “grape” in the name.

Now to save for the wooleewinder, extra bobbins, and of course a knitty knoddy!


5 Responses to "My first spinning of yarn…tee hee!"

Absolutely gorgeous!!! Awesome plying! I love it, well done!

How loverly it is!! You are too cool 🙂

peri-winkie ….

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Nancy: Apparently your husband is busy farting up a storm. I hope the air has cleared by the time you get home. Mark, one word: Febreeze.

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