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Sticky Fly Strips in His Hair….la, la, la, la, la…..

Posted on: October 5, 2008

Pat and I decided to go to the St. James Art Fair in Louisville on Saturday.  As I’m in the bathroom getting ready, putting on make-up and attempting to look younger, hubby storms into the bathroom ranting “you are going to wash my hair…just look at me!”

Well, I had hung a fly strip near the kitchen sink because I couldn’t stand all the flies in the house, especially the kitchen.  (NOTE: He leaves the bedroom door that opens onto the patio open so that Sedona can go in and out at will.)  It’s been hanging there for at least 3 – 4 weeks and he NEVER EVER mentioned it – which means one of two things – either he didn’t care, or more likely he never noticed it!

The fly strip was stuck in his hair…this was such a Kodak moment and I missed it; I did ask if he could put it back in his hair so I could get a picture – he refused!

So he goes to his sink in the bathroom and starts washing his hair – all the while I’m trying to NOT laugh (at least laugh out loud).  Well, he starts sputtering again “it’s not coming out – go get something to get this sticky glue-like stuff out of my hair.”  My first thought was well, go get a friggin’ haircut!  He claimed he couldn’t go out with this in his hair – keep in mind, the fly strip has been removed and he sounded like a two-year old having a band-aid removed!  Also keep in mind, this is the man that doesn’t care if his tie goes with the shirt he has on when he goes to work!

So being the dutiful wife, I go looking for the Goo-Gone, glad to leave that area of the house so I can laugh outloud!

He’s yelling, “dump it on my head” and who am I not to follow these directions – dumping Goo-Gone on his head!  Then he starts yelling, “it’s burning my eyes”…read the bottle; of course, the damn printing on the bottle is so small, I can’t read it and have to go find my glasses.  Even with my glasses and squinting I can barely make out the print – however, I was able to say, “it’s OK, you didn’t ingest it”….while my shoulders are shaking trying not to laugh outloud.

Then the next order was “pour the water into my eyes to wash it out”.  So I get a glass and started dumping water on his head figuring it would go into his eyes.  Then he’s yelling “I said pour it in my eyes, do you know where my eyes are?”  Well, his eyes were shut but I started pouring the water there!

When he lifted his head out of the sink, his eyes were slits and very red where the white should be! I just said, “well, if you’re OK now, I’m leaving.”  He wanted to know about when I would be home….and I couldn’t resist this one…”when you see the whites of my eyes.”

So, I drive off to pick up Pat…needing to fill up with gas first; she realizes she’s left her money at home so we have to go back and pick that up!  All the time we are dying laughing at hubby’s predicament.

We got on the Interstate and it wasn’t long before hubby called and said “if you are going to be laughing that hard at me, it’s dangerous for you to be driving…you need to pull over till you stop laughing.”

We laughed off and on about it during the day – and I did talk to him and said I was at a leather booth and they had a black leather patch to put over an eye – did he need it?  He wanted to know if there was a booth that sold glass eyes!!!

Yes, I know, it could have had disastrous results – but you know what, laughter is the spice of life!

PS:  We saw some absolutely gorgeous things and yes, we did buy a few; but better yet, we found a Garden Ridge store and absolutely cannot wait to get back there!


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You’re so evil for laughing!!! Mind you, I can’t talk, I did the same thing myself when I accidentally (well… intentionally but with luck) flicked a tiny piece of paper into my quare fella’s eye. It lodged and did some nasty surface damage and all I could do was giggle and be proud of my aiming skills 🙂

Hi K8! Well, I didn’t bring up the time we were in Cancun and came walking out of a department store that had those doors that go in a circle….we were leaving and Mark didn’t move too quickly to get out and the door caught his heel. It bled quite profusely! And of course, I was laughing like a fool. And, you’re going to love this….it was my fault because if he didn’t have on the damn huraches I insisted he buy, it wouldn’t have happened….which of course sent me in guffawing laughter again!

Hi Nancy,

Well I really enjoyed reading this from both sides of the coin! You two should write scripts for sitcoms. “he said/she said” — a winner!

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that here in Paris I finally decided to take up knitting again because I couldn’t find just the perfect wool scarf that I wanted (to coil three billion times around my neck for the chic look). So I decided to knit one myself. I haven’t knitted anything in 30 years.

I bought all the requisite yarn, needles etc., and then damned if I could remember how to cast on. Had to look at a how-to video online. Total shame.

I know what you mean about forgetting how to cast on! I took up knitting after about 30 years too! Now I’m into spinning and dyeing yarn is so much fun….

I came home with LOTS and LOTS of yarn from a shop at the bottom of the Sacre Coeur (sp?) hill. Is it still there? I spent hours in there, mostly because of the language barrier.

I still get tickled when I think about Mark with that fly paper in his hair – it was so funny!!!

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