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Why do dogs EAT my bamboo needles?

Posted on: October 2, 2008

I’ve been working on a cute little hoodie for my cousin’s little boy, Jack.  I left it on the couch buried under a quilt, thinking and probably hoping it would be safe.

Nothing is safe from Derby, the street urchin!  Started to pick it up last night and lo and behold, many of the double pointed needles were now single pointed needles.

I think I’m going to soak every bamboo knitting needle I have in olive juice – that is one thing I’ve found that none of the dogs will eat!

Any other suggestions?  And do not tell me to put the knitting projects up higher – I’m a short woman and don’t like anything above the second shelf in the kitchen cupboards because it requires a step stool to reach them!


3 Responses to "Why do dogs EAT my bamboo needles?"

My dog, Darby, likes to chew on all my bamboo needles too. I try to keep my work in a basket on a shelf so she cant pull it out, but I’m short too and can sympathize with not putting things up high. Have you tried giving her a bully stick to chew on while your gone. I do that for Darby and although it doesn’t guarantee she won’t pull out my bamboo dpn’s, it does help.

You need to bargain with Derby… let him know you’ll knit him something nice if he leaves your gear alone 🙂

Ahh….Derby is our Rock Star dog because of his hair. However, I might knit a small, short scarf to tie around his mouth, eliminating some of the barking he does. Just kidding. We did buy a collar to stop his barking so much; and it works. Just every once in awhile, we have to put it back on for a “refresher” course; sometimes all we have to do it pick it up and show it to him and he stops! He is a smart dog altho’ I’m beginning to think he has a short retention span.

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