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Knee surgery update

Posted on: September 25, 2008

Had knee surgery yesterday; Dr. repaired a torn meniscus and said there was more arthritis in there than he anticipated, so he shaved as much as he could of dear old “Arthur”.

Not as much pain as I thought there would be, but it sure burns…  bandage comes off tomorrow and you guessed it, yep, there will be pictures!  Stitches come out a week from tomorrow and yep, there will be even more pictures!

And…ta..da…I’m typing on my new laptop!!!  I love it, sitting in the gazebo, leg elevated, ice pack on knee, TV on, and 4 dogs trying to get as close to me as they can!!!


2 Responses to "Knee surgery update"

how long did it take your knee to heal? I had 4 torn cartilages repaired back in April and am still not walking good and it still pains me……..Suzie

Hi Suzie….took a good year and I only had one tear repaired! However, I’m still not comfortable going down stairs. Try to do exercises that you were doing in rehab….Good luck….hang in there! Nancy

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