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Update on the stupid knee!

Posted on: September 19, 2008

@$^&%((%(%)&*_)*)*%$%*()! HARUMPH! CRAP!

Got the results today of the MRI (actually wasn’t supposed to get them till Monday afternoon); Dr. called and said the cartilage is torn and needs surgery…so Weds. afternoon, under the knife I go.

I apologized at dinner to my hubby on the High Maintenance Woman I’ve become; and it isn’t fun high maintenance! (ie: lipsuction, face lift, boob job, eyelid lift)



3 Responses to "Update on the stupid knee!"

I’m so sorry to hear the knee is being so stubborn. You will be up and at it in no time. If you happen to need one of the cooling systems for your knee after surgery, don’t buy one, I have one you can use. Your sense of humor will care you through. Let me know if you need anything. šŸ™‚

I really meant carry you through, so much for proofreading before hitting the send button.

Thank you so much; I’m not too nervous (yet!) and feel it will go well and I’ll recover quickly! I may be old, but I will NOT go down without a fight! LOL

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