Keeping You In Stitches

Wonderful, relaxing day!

Posted on: September 13, 2008

Since I’ve hurt my knee, I’ve been stuck in “jail” since last Monday.  A wonderful friend, Diane, (we sort of wonder if in another life we might have been sisters!) was headed to Enchanted today and volunteered to take me after I sat Friday morning in Panera’s in tears because I hadn’t been able to get there for so long.

Honestly, I feel like a 15 yr. old kid who has to be driven every where – it’s like waiting for your drivers license.

We had a wonderful time there sitting and knitting – me with an ice bag on my knee.  I guess the older you get, the slower you bounce back.

Thanks RoLynn, Ashley and Diane for putting up with Chesterella today!  (I walk like Chester on Gunsmoke!)

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