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Ta Da! A finished baby blanket….

Posted on: September 13, 2008

I hope my daughter realizes how lucky she is!  I got a call from her as we were getting ready to go to Belize…”Mom, can you make a baby blanket for us really quick – it’s a boy and it’s already born”?  She does not knit and obviously thinks these things are whipped up quickly. LOL

So I decided what could be quicker than making an oversized washcloth as a baby blanket (receiving blanket size).  Yep, I know the ecru color and brighter blue aren’t what you think of when you think of a baby boy, but I tend to think outside of the box!  Just made different sized diagonal stripes – yes, it was vegetable knitting and I’ve decided that’s fine to do but not under a deadline.  I got so bored – I thought I’d never get to the center so I could start decreasing. LOL

I used Plymouth Yarn Jeannee in ecru and denim blue. It’s a dream to work with and very soft.

It’s done and here’s the picture!


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See!!! You can finish things! And your own pattern too!!!

Looks great, congrats!

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