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Yep, I’ve done it again! Agony and pain + 4 dogs

Posted on: September 11, 2008

Last Friday night hubby and I were getting ready to go out – trust me, it’s not like it was a “fun” going out, we were headed to Lowes.  As I turned, my knee went out on me.

My compassionate hubby says “Oh, suck it up, walk it off, you’re fine!”  After seeing stars and feeling sick to my stomach, I gingerly limped out the door.

Saturday, I played 18 holes of golf; Sunday I played 18 holes of golf but did notice that the last 6 holes, my knee was really bothering me when I tried to bend it.  However, the Bloody Mary’s kept me going.

Monday was the day from hell!  I could hardly get out of bed because it hurt so badly.  Immediately called the Dr. and of course had the x-rays taken and then the conversation was “you need to go see your  favorite bone surgeon – I think it’s a torn meniscus.

So I finally got in this morning (Thurs.).  Got a shot in my knee and have the most horrendous brace on me knee for support.  Seeing the bone doc again next Weds. morning to see how I’m doing.  He thinks it’s just a tendonitis problem but if it’s still sore next Weds. we’ll go the MRI route.

Then my wonderful friend and driver, Velma – oh yes, it’s the right leg, took me to the hairdresser’s because she was holding a new purse for me.  One of the women in there wondered what happened and I told her – 2 words – kinky sex!  It was so funny because you could have heard a pin drop!  And anyone that goes to a hairdresser knows, it’s never quiet in there.

I had a surprise trip to TX planned to visit a friend – leaving on Saturday; am canceling that trip because I couldn’t sit in an airplane with this stupid brace and because of hurricane Ike. I had set this up with her husband and it was going to be a surprise for Sandra – so I called her and told her what was going on – she’s visiting her mother near Little Rock and would be flying back home on Saturday and I was going to be there at the gate to greet her!  To make this long story shorter, it’s doubtful that she’ll make it home Saturday since Austin, TX is supposed to have 100 mile an hour winds.

So I’m having a pity party!!!


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so sorry to hear about your knee and your cancelled trip. You can go to Dallas with me for Thanksgiving. It’s my new holiday tradition (since Mother died).

Glad to hear you’ve started a tradition.

I’ll be going to Georgetown (Austin) in October most likely.

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