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40th Anniversary spent in Belize – WOW!

Posted on: September 2, 2008

Decided to splurge for our 40th anniversary and spent a week in Belize, yes, the Belize in Central America. After many hours on the internet searching and researching, we chose the Maruba Spa and Jungle Lodge near Maskall, Belize.

IT WAS THE BEST CHOICE!  Everything we read said we were going during the rainy season and of course, the dreaded hurricane season.  The whole 7 days we were there it didn’t rain more than 5 minutes total.  Because it’s their down time, most of the time we were the only guests of the lodge – only 18 rooms/guest houses.  It was like our own private lodge and were we ever pampered.

Took a medicinal tour of the rain forest – WOW! – was that ever enlightening; will be going to Barnes & Noble searching out books for more info.

Saw Parrots in the wild – they are beautiful and so colorful.

I cannot believe I did this because I was adamant that I was not doing the cave tubing because of reading in the guide books (Frommer’s) that it wasn’t for people that don’t like dark and close spaces.  Well, one evening at dinner, Jerry, the waiter, kept telling me about it and how I should do it, etc. He made it sound so fun and wonderful that I gave in and went with hubby. WOW!  I’m so glad he talked me into it….they were huge caves, we had miner’s lights so it wasn’t pitch black.  It was beautiful and relaxing.  The only disappointment was we didn’t have a waterproof camera with us so we have no pictures.  Afterwards, we were served a wonderful picnic lunch from the lodge, while the rest of the “tubers” ate nothing! HA!

Toured Altan Ha, the Mayan ruins – we love seeing the ruins – the Mayans were/are wonderful kind people!

I had a mud massage while at the lodge.  See if you can pick out the sacrificial virgin on the altar (in our pics).

If you’re interested, please click on the above link to see our pictures. Here’s hubbies view on the trip.

BTW – we think gas here is high – in Belize it’s $12/gal (BZ) – $6/gal (US)

I still find it difficult to believe that we were actually there.  One of the best trips we’ve ever taken – of course the first couple of days I accused the kitchen of putting something in the food that made me sleep! LOL   I was worn out when we got there, obviously, and needed the extra sleep!

Mark was adventurous in the food department eating water buffalo, armadillo, and wild boar. I will share with you that I asked him not to order water buffalo again because it made him smell like a wild animal! These were all fresh – altho’ we think the armadillo was probably road kill! LOL

The area of Belize that we were in was known for it’s wooden carvings (bowls, etc.)  They were absolutely beautiful!


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Wow!! Breathtaking….

What a great anniversary trip! Off the beaten path, such wonderful memories. Congrats except for those “buggy” leg shots. Ouch! Did you bring home that poochie?

Congratulations!! Glad you had a lovely time down here in Belize.

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