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Ever been to a Yarn Tasting?

Posted on: August 25, 2008

WOW!  Sunday afternoon was an exciting couple of hours!  Enchanted Yarn and Fiber had a yarn tasting to celebrate the new arrivals of yarn, books, etc. for fall.

We each received a “goodie bag” of “nests” of yarn of all the new stuff.  Then we were to knit a few rows and critique how we felt about using the yarn, etc.  What fun!!!

I’ve decided I’m a “frog tree yarn” kind of gal.  I loved all the different Frog Tree yarns sampled – so soft and easy to work with.

I understand this will be a yearly event – not only was the yarn good, but the goodies to eat were delicious too!

Lots of people were there and a GREAT time was had by all!!!  If you missed it, you must go next year!


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