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Late notes on Panera from 08/08/08

Posted on: August 9, 2008

Just wanted to type 08/08/08! LOL

Not a real big group on Friday but sitting outside at Panera with the wonderful breeze blowing and very low humidity….ah….it was Paradise!

Guess I’d better get used to humidity – we’re headed to Belize for a week of vacation in the rain forest and visiting Mayan Ruins.  Going to be a relaxing trip not a go-go-go-go trip. (I hope!)

Taking a few books with me; haven’t decided if I’m taking some knitting or not. The darn TSA can be so picky sometimes and I’m not willing to have my project and needles confiscated.  Altho’ I may stick it in checked backage, which of course is now going to cost us.  The way things are today, it may not be worth flying much longer.  When we have to step on the friggin’ scales to board, they will have lost me as a passenger! And that’s not a joke!

Having a couple stay at the house with the dogs which is easier on them. I just hope Sofi doesn’t escape – she’s such a little escape artist, one blink and she’s gone.

Busy week getting ready – and playing in a golf tournament on Weds. – sure hope my partner plays well that day because I’m sure my mind won’t be on playing golf!


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